71 Forum Marketing Basics


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Oct 23, 2021

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Subject line: First Lesson - Forum Marketing Basics

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Welcome to the first lesson in the Forum Marketing Basics crash

Each day for the next few days you will receive a lesson that will help
you learn the ins and outs of online forum marketing, so that you can
successfully promote your business, products or services.

In this first lesson we are going to talk a little bit about what forum
marketing is and go over some of the advantages of using it as a
marketing and promotion tool for your business.

Forum marketing is a great method that many online business owners
use to market their own products and services online. In fact it is fast
becoming one of the most widely used free marketing methods on the
internet. It has many benefits and it costs virtually nothing for you to
implement. It just takes a little know how and determination from you
on a regular basis to begin seeing positive results.

Basically a forum is a community of people, sort of like a neighborhood
where the other members are your neighbors. People often use online
forums as a way of coming together to discuss a particular topic or
problem. As a forum marketer you should use forums to get
information, ask questions, make connections, as well as for promoting
yourself and your business.

The basic rule of thumb when it comes to forum marketing is that you
never jump right in an immediately start promoting your business. This
is considered bad manners and will actually drive your potential
customers in the opposite direction.

Before you begin to promote your product or service on any forum, you
will need to establish yourself as a member of the community. There
are three basic steps involved in this process.

- First you need to find a forum and register as a member.

When looking for a forum to join you will want to find one that is
centered around a topic that is closely related to the product or service
that you are planning to promote.

After you have found a forum that you want to and have registered, you
should take some time to create a profile page about yourself. This
should include a good description about yourself and your business.
You will want to pay special attention when crafting your signature file,
because it will be at the bottom of every post that you make and it is
vital to the success of your campaign.

After you have registered and set up your profile and your signature line
you should take a few days to lurk around the forum before you begin to
post. Examine the posts and get a feel for the other members thoughts,
ideas and questions. It is also very important that you take time to
acquaint yourself with the rules of the forum.

Next, it is time to start posting.

After you have lurked around for a while it will be time to start posting.
Begin by responding to the other members questions and concerns.
Do not by any means start out posting by instantly promoting your
business. This can have a negative impact on the opinion other
members have of you and blatant advertising can get you banned from
the forum. Remember you want people to notice you not ignore you.

Next you will want to focus on building your reputation on the forum.

Starting with your very first post, you can begin to build your reputation
as an expert on the topics being discussed. The first and most
important thing you should do is introduce yourself. Then begin to help
other members with their problems and quickly answer their questions.

Keep in mind that the more respect you earn in the forum the more
visits you will get to your website and the more sales you will make.

As I mentioned above most forums do no permit members to promote
their products or services inside the post itself. This is considered
spamming and it may get your post deleted and you may also be
banned from the forum.

There are many excellent reasons why forum marketing is so effective
for many online marketers. Whenever you post, you have the golden
opportunity to help another person that might have a problem or
perhaps a question. This will not only give you a feeling of satisfaction
that you have done something to help someone else, it will also help
you build a good reputation on the forum.

The basic unspoken rule is that if you give to another member then you
shall receive when they click on your signature line and go to your

Another side benefit of joining a forum is that you will find plenty of
valuable and very useful information that you can use to build your
business. As you read posts by other members you will be amazed at
how much free information that you'll receive. This information can be
an invaluable resource to improve your forum marketing strategy.

As you begin to post on the forum many people will be able to see your
signature line and click on it, which will lead them straight to your
website. This form of free advertising can add up to a nice amount of
free traffic as well as potential sales from forum members.

Another benefit is that search engines such as Google like forums and
whenever you create a hyperlink to your website from the you will get a
nice backlinks. These backlinks will increase your position in the
search engine results and the higher you are ranked on the search
engine the more traffic you will generate outside of the forum. This will,
consequently, lead to even more sales for your business.

So as you can see forum marketing is a fantastic method with a lot of
extra added benefits that you can use to promote your business.

We have a lot to go over in the next few days if you want to learn how to
use forum marketing to your advantage, so make sure you look for
your next lesson soon. We will be talking about how you can increase
your profits by using forum marketing.

Thank you again for joining,

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subject line: Second Lesson - Forum Marketing Basics

Hello "autoresponder code here",

It’s time for your second lesson. I hope you found lesson one
informative. In this lesson we are going to talk about how you can
increase your profits by using forum marketing.

As we discussed in your first lesson, forum marketing is a great
strategy for using online forums to obtain visitors and customers for
your business.

It's no secret that when you use an online forum to promote your
business it can lead to more traffic to your website and potential sales
of your product or service. This however will depend on the type of
website that you're trying to promote.

This type of marketing needs to be done in a very subtle manner and
without breaking any of the forum rules. It's important to keep in mind
that most forum owners keep a watchful eye out for spammers and if
you're found spamming you may be banned from the forum with no

It is advisable to use only your signature line to promote your product
and use the content of your post to answer questions or offer help and
ideas. If you adhere to this basic strategy, you will have virtually no
chance of your post being deleted and you will build a good reputation
with the other members on the forum.

You should be aware that some forums will require that you make a
certain amount of posts before you can create a signature line. This will
give you the chance to start establishing a good reputation before you
begin to promote your products.

If you are just starting you might consider avoiding forums with this rule
because you want to get your name out as soon as possible. But keep
in mind that even if you do join a forum that allows you to create a
signature line right away you will still need to develop your reputation
before promoting your products. If you carefully execute your forum
marketing strategy, it can be a highly effective marketing tool for your

This type of marketing is effective simply because online forums usually
contain a high volume of members that are interested in the same
topic. If your site relates to the topic of the forum, it opens up the door
for you to a interact with potential customers in a relaxed and low
pressure environment.

Another reason why they are so useful is that you'll be able to get
information on problems that the community may be experiencing.
Once you have gathered this information, you can use it to create new
products that will help the other members of the forum. This is an
opportunity for the savvy business owner.

As I mentioned above, when you are first getting started you will want to
execute your forum marketing campaign with extreme care. You should
post a bare minimum of fifty times before you actually attempt to
promote your products.

This is the basic rule of thumb even if you belong to a forum that allows
you to create a signature line with under fifty posts. You need to
establish your reputation as an expert on the topic of the forum first
otherwise you will have less chance of success.

At the same time, you need to make certain all of your posts are
providing value to the other forum members. Don't make your posts too
brief or excessively long. Your goal inside your posts should be focused
on helping other forum members with a particular problem or concern.
You should begin your posts with straightforward solutions to their
questions or concerns. Once you feel confident, you can discuss your
own ideas and issues.

When you're creating your signature line it has to be interesting and
quickly attract the reader rather than being a sales message. Try and
excite the reader’s curiosity by saying you have a secret to share with
them that you will reveal when they visit your website. You can also offer
a free gift, ebook or download that relates to your business if the visitor
clicks on your link.

This is an excellent ways to get visitors to your website and when they
do you can entice them to subscribe to your list or purchase your

When you advertise correctly through online forums you have the
opportunity to increase traffic to your website. It can also increase
sales, newsletters sign ups and have other beneficial outcomes that
you can't get from any other type of marketing without investing a great
deal in advertising dollars.

I really appreciate your joining me for this short ecourse. Don't forget to
look for another lesson soon. We will be talking about basic forum
etiquette and how it affects your marketing plan.

Until then,
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subject line: Third Lesson - Forum Marketing Basics

Hi "autoresponder code here",

It’s "your first name here", with your third lesson

Today let's talk about basic forum etiquette and how it affects your
marketing plan.

As we have been discussing in you other lessons, forum marketing is
one of the most effective methods to promote your business, products
or services for free.

That is why you don't want to miss out on this valuable marketing
method by not reading through the rules that are posted by the
moderators inside the forum. These rules give you guidelines on
what you can and cannot do on the forum.

Taking the time to go through them will make it easier for you to
understand your limitations when it comes to posting, so that you don't
break any of the rules by mistake. It will also establish boundaries so
that you know how aggressively you can implement your marketing

As I have mentioned before, not following the rules of the forum can
result in you being banned from the forum. It can also leave a black
mark on your name and reputation.

It's extremely important that not only read the rules, but you understand
them clearly. This is the first rule of any successful forum marketing
campaign. You will usually find the rules for the forum right beneath the
guidelines or general discussion area. Most of the time they are simple
and easy to understand.

Along with the rules set forth by the forum moderators you should also
follow some simple rules of etiquette.

As I mentioned in your last lesson, most forums will instantly ban you for
any form of self promotion. The strictness of this basic rule will likely
vary on different types of forums. That is why reading the rules before
you post can help you save from experiencing any problems later on.

Breaking the rules is one thing, but you can also get banned if you
make any inappropriate, offensive or hurtful comments that may offend
another forum member.

It is also important that you read what is being discussed before you
decide to post. You have to pay close attention to details. For instance
is the posting formal or informal so that you can respond accordingly.

Additionally you should get to know a few of the other forum members
and begin a discussion with them before you approach the topic of your
business or website which should be done in a very subtle manner.

As you begin to follow the conversations you will discover that you have
an added bonus. If you're following, you can observe particular
questions that are being asked by other members. If any of these
questions fall under your expertise, you can provide them with an
answer to their question or a solution to their problem. You may even be
able to steer them to your website in a subtle way, so that you can offer
them an even better way to solve their problems.

Following the rules is an essential part of any forum strategy, but
following etiquette is a matter of principal. When you follow these
simple etiquette guidelines, you will quickly become a well-trusted
forum member and marketer.

Make sure you look for your next lesson soon, We will be talking about
some of the pros and cons associated with forum marketing.

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subject line: Fourth Lesson - Forum Marketing Basics

Hi again "autoresponder code here",

I hope you are learning a lot from the Forum Marketing Basics crash
course. Today we are going to talk about some of the pros and cons
associated with forum marketing.

Forum marketing is fast becoming an integral part of any successful
internet marketing campaign. As we discussed in your previous lesson
it provides you with a free and easy way to access people who may be
interested in the product or service that you are promoting.

It involves little to no investment to get started and often yields great
results. But just like any type of marketing on the internet it does have
some distinct pros and cons.

The first and probably the best pro of forum marketing is the highly
targeted nature that it has to offer. When you begin to interact on a
forum that relates to the product or service that you are promoting you
will have the attention of the people that are most likely to buy your

This will save you wasted time and effort on other less effective
marketing campaigns. Another excellent advantage of the targeting
factor is that for every person that actually takes the time to post there
could be as many as ten lurkers, or silent watchers just reading the
conversations. These silent watchers will often purchase your products
or services without ever saying a word.

As I am sure you have heard me mention before, forum marketing is not
only a great marketing method that will bring in new customers, it is
also a great way to tap into your market for new product ideas.

By simply keeping tabs on comments, complaints and problems that
other members are having on the forum you can easily identify the
needs of your customers and develop a product idea based on that

You can then test market it by asking the forum members for their
opinions and the suggestions on the product. When the product is
complete you may even consider giving out a few review copies for
them to evaluate.

The ultimate pro of forum marketing is that there is very little cash
investment involved. Most forums are accessible without membership
fees and while some may require a small fee to join, you may well
discover that it is often money well spent and costs far less than other
types of marketing and advertising.

Even though you'll have to spend time reading and posting on the forum
this particular marketing method can be done on your own time
schedule. Once you get a feel for this system it requires less than a 30
minutes of your time to read and respond to posts.

It's important that you remain patient when it comes to this type of
marketing, because it can sometimes take several months to get your
campaign efforts to pay off, but it’s well worth it when you consider the
initial investment that you had to make.

There are very few cons when it comes to forum marketing however
they are equally as important as the pros. The first con and perhaps the
most significant is that this is not a task that you will want to allocate to
an outside provider.

It is vital to your success that you personally take the time to build a
relationship with the members of the forum before they will even
think about purchasing your product or service. For this reason is not a
tactic for anyone who expects to see traffic and sales right away.

Another con is that as the product owner you will need have good
communication skills as well as the ability to present yourself as a
knowledgeable and trustworthy person. If you haven't had a chance to
hone either of these skills, you might want to practice in smaller forums
before you attempt to promote your product on popular more forums.

As with any marketing method, before deciding if forum marketing is
right for your business it is important to consider both the pros and
cons. Most importantly, if you don't have the time or communication
skills that forum marketing requires you may want to consider other
ways to promote your products. However, if you do possess these skills
(which I am quite sure you do) then forum marketing is a great way to
promote your product or service.

for your next lesson soon, We will be talking about the potential power
of forum marketing for your business.

I'd love to hear from you! Please let me know what you think and if you
have any questions please feel free to ask,

"add your name here"

"your email address"

"your URL here"



subject line: Fifth Lesson - Forum Marketing Basics

Hello "autoresponder code here",

How are you? We are winding down to the end of this short course. But
we still need to go over a few important things. That is why today I want
to share with you some of the different ways that you can tap into the
potential power of forum marketing for your business.

As you well know by now, forum marketing is one of the best ways to
promote your business online for little or no money. Knowing how forum
marketing works the key to having a successful forum marketing

A successful campaign is more than having a great signature line that
will attract people to your website. The potential positive results from
your forum marketing campaign can be so much bigger.

You may not have realized this yet, but forums can potentially help you
get your new product or service off the ground. It solves just about all of
the issues that are related to the launching of a new product. Let’s take
a look at some of side benefits of promoting your products this way.

- Testing

As we discussed in your previous lesson, by simply asking a few
people on the forum to test your new product and give you an honest
review on how they liked it or didn't like it, will help you in a number of

They can let you know what results they experienced after using it. They
can also point out any weak spots that may be in it, providing you with
the opportunity to fix the problems before officially launching the
product. These are two of the main problems associated with launching
a new product and the forum can help you eliminate them. During this
entire process you will be discreetly promoting your new product and at
the same time earning the trust of other members.


When you launch any new product buyers want to see the testimonials
of others that have tried the product and liked it. This is especially true if
you're promoting a money making system. People want proof that
others have made money using it.

Here is where the forum comes into play. You can post to a few of the
members that you have built a relationship with and ask them if they
would test out your product or service. All they would have to do in
return is write an honest testimonial on how the product worked for
them. Now there will be testimonials about your product available for
everyone to see.

- More On Traffic

I know that we have discussed the traffic benefits that come along with
forum marketing in your other lessons and that you are aware that a
good signature line will bring you some traffic, but in order to generate
a lot more traffic to your site without spamming, you will want to post
and reply to other posts as frequently as possible.

This simple action will increase the amount of times your signature line
appears and more likely than not a forum member will click on your link.
This really is a great way to generate a nice client base for your

So as you can see forum marketing is not only good for generating
traffic and leads, it also saves you a lot of time and trouble when you
are trying to launch a new product.

That's it for today's lesson. Don't forget to look for your sixth and final
lesson soon. We will be talking about choosing the right forum to join for
your business, plus a quick overview of some of the top marketing
forums that you can lurk around in while you are learning the ropes.

See you then,

"add your name here"

"your email address"

"your URL here"



subject line: Sixth Lesson - Forum Marketing Basics

Hello "autoresponder code here",

Well, we have come to the final lesson in the Forum Marketing Basics
crash course. I sure hope that you have learned a lot from your lessons
and that you feel confident enough to start using this fantastic method to
promote your business, products and services.

Today we are going to jump right in and talk about choosing the right
forum to join for your business, plus a quick overview of some of the top
marketing forums that you can lurk around in while you learn the ropes.

When it comes to launching your own successful forum marketing
campaign it is essential that you do your research and find the right
forum to join for your business.

Forum marketing doesn't mean that you should only focus your attention
on the forums that generate high traffic. This type of marketing is not
based on the quantity but rather by the relevance and quality of the
forum that you are posting on When you begin your search for the
perfect forum, look for one that you think will help you in your overall
marketing campaign.

As we have discussed before, it is important that you join forums that
are closely related to the product or service that you are promoting.
You will want to invest most of your time and effort in forums where you
can easily project a trustworthy image and build a good reputation for
being an expert on the specific topic that relates to your product or

Once you gain the trust and confidence of the other forum members you
can look forward to a lot of traffic to your website coming from the
forum. Remember to always keep in mind that forum marketing is all
about sharing information and making contacts as well as providing
access to your products or services to your target market.

When you first begin marketing on forums you may want to choose just
one forum to post on. After you have honed your skills you can then join
additional forums and repeat the process. When you are promoting
your products on several forums you will want to prioritize the forums
according to where you think you will gain the best opportunities to
grow your business, and improve your products and services.

In the beginning it can be challenging to find the perfect forum to use for
your campaign. This is especially true if you are looking for a specific
niche that you can tap into. It is important to keep in mind that forum
marketing involves many skills and strategies that must be learned and
practiced before you will begin to see significant results.

Before we close this final lesson I want to share a few of the top
marketing forums that you can lurk around in while you learn the ropes.
These are mainly focused on business and marketing. By simply
visiting the sites and reading the posts you will be able gain some very
useful insight into the wonderful world of forum marketing.

The Warrior Forum

This forum is one of the biggest online marketing forums available. You
will discover marketing experts, entrepreneurs and home based
business owners from all over the world on this forum. It provides a
wealth of information on just about any type of marketing that you want
to learn about. It also has a very popular advertising section called the
'Warrior Special Offer Forum' where you can post your promotional
offers for your product or service, for a small fee of course.

Conquer Your Niche Forum

This is one of the more popular forum marketing sites. The founder of
this site is Russell Brunson. One of the foremost experts on internet
marketing. One of the biggest advantages of this forum is that it has a
referral program as well as an advertising rotation. This means that you
can get paid while you're browsing and interacting on the forum.

The Better Networker Forums

This forum was developed by Mike Dillard, a well known internet
marketer that has been around for several years. This site provides
information on a variety of topics and allows business owners to
in a friendly environment which puts you more at ease than just about
any other website out there.

Last but not least, the Work At Home Forum

This forum has been online since May of 2004 and it appears on the
search engines all of the time. It has thousands of work at home
business owners from all over the world as members. While it may not
be as popular as the other forums above it has a huge following and
can provide you with a ton of useful information on many niche topics.

Take some time and lurk around the forums listed above and you will
discover plenty of information that you can use to create your own
forum marketing strategy.

I have to say it one more time before we close this final lesson. "Forum
marketing is a great way to meet potential customers get traffic and
promote your products and services". If you use it correctly, you can
have a very successful business without spending a small fortune on

Just make sure you follow the rules, mind your manners and you will
have no problem launching your own successful forum marketing

Best of luck to you in all of your business en devours.

"add your name here"

"your email address"

"your URL here"

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